A solution vision for SAP Business Objects BPC v7.5 NetWeaver

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With the introduction of SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation 7.5 version for SAP Netweaver, there is ample opportunity for significant improvements of the workflow and consolidation of data for planning processes and applications. Having had the opportunity to provide a solution for our client using BPC Netweaver version 7.5 along with SAP BW v7.01 we can share the vision and the solution design we implemented. The vision is to provide a common infrastructure for centralized planning, forecasting, and reporting. The new netweaver 7.5 version provided us with the opportunity to migrate from the currently unsupported Microsoft 5.2 version to the NetWeaver technology stack. Here is what our solution looks like and some of the opportunities we took to implement enhanced process improvements and functionality.

Solution for BPC v7.5 and BW v7.01

Why does this solution work? First, by standardizing on a common technology stack you leverage existing knowledge and skillsets within your organization of BASIS, ABAP, BW, and BPC. An often unseen fact is that BW integration is critical and leveraging known BW skillsets will take you a long way in a BPC implementation. Second, the common technology platform, offers the opportunity of leveraging common reporting tools. While reporting on Plan/Actual data is best served using BPC EVDRe functions,adding BW reporting tools into the information delivery strategy instantly broadens information access across the corporate user base and instantly increases your ROI.

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